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Buy now or wait, how do I know financially what's best for me? Connie's Preferred Lenders will consult with you and give you options. Buyers will find this section invaluable! Buy now, or wait? Scroll down this page for my preferred lenders after you watch this informative video!

Connie's Preferred Lenders

Call any or all of my preferred lenders. Not sure if you can buy now, or how to prepare to purchase in the future? 

My lenders have a record of working closely with clients, are available and on time with closing, You get their cell phone numbers for prompt response during the loan process. 

Call to get ore-approval letter and ask for the best interest rate and closing costs. These lenders have, like me, proven timely closing times and exceptional client service skills!


Igor Babamovski, Telhio Credit Union

614-769-1010 mobile
614-221-3233 X8145 office

Brad Ratliff, Priority Mortgage
614-783-9085 mobile
614-410-9042 office

Jodi Vermillion, Concord Mortgage
614-206-1687 mobile
614-212-6929 office

Zach Appleby, Equitable Mortage
419-651-3332 mobile
614-602-8429 office

Justin Leffew, US Mortgage
740-973-8056 mobile
614-347-0288 office


Call Connie at 614-943-0025 with questions!